Rare Encounters with Sea Beasts and Other Divine Phenomena
Thirty West Publishing

Rare Encounters with Sea Beasts and Other Divine Phenomena is about memory and giant squid. It’s about losing a childhood friend and being disappointed by God before your eighth birthday. It’s about praying, but instead of actually praying you go off hunting a giant squid like it were some sort of God-surrogate. It’s about loneliness and yearning and searching—sometimes for giant squid. It’s about the inability to properly understand friendships and love far too deep into a life. It’s made up of 12 pieces of flash and microfiction that tell 12 interconnected stories that span a single lifetime.

Published October 31st, 2021 by Thirty West Publishing.

With a Difference w/Francis Daulerio
Trident Press
Barnes & Noble

A cross-genre collection of poetry and prose by Francis Daulerio and Nick Gregorio. Inspired in part by vinyl records, and a split album by NoFX and Rancid from back in 2003 in which the bands covered each other’s songs, this book features twenty “covers”—Gregorio has adapted ten of Daulerio’s poems into short stories, and Daulerio has morphed ten of Gregorio’s stories into poems. To add to the music-inspired release, the book features two “front” covers created by Adde Russell—the mastermind behind the artwork of Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism and Plans—and will literally need to be flipped over to read each “side” of the book.

Published May 29th, 2020 by Trident Press.

This Distance, A Collection of Short Stories
Maudlin House
Barnes & Noble

Wannabe astrophysicists and screenwriters, star gazers and time travelers, a foul mouthed Chris Hemsworth, a sitcom star lamenting her station in life while wearing a fake pregnant belly, and even a cult author kidnapped by the very secret society his work spawned—all of them get to have their say in This Distance. Dramatic, violent, comical, sad, and occasionally hopeful, Nick Gregorio’s first collection of short stories puts the human need to connect on display with grit, humor, and compassion.

Published November 2nd, 2018 by Maudlin House.

Good Grief, A Novel 
Maudlin House

Barnes & Noble

Tony D’Angelo’s brother Nate is dead. His family is devastated, his life is thrown into upheaval, and he doesn’t want to deal with any of it. Not with his brother’s death, not with his guilt-ridden father, and not with the consequences of his erratic behavior involving his ex-girlfriend. But when he meets Mikey, a hallucination of his nine-year-old self dressed as a Ninja Turtle, Tony is forced to face all the things he’d rather not.

Published September 22nd, 2017 by Maudlin House.

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